What are probably the most profitable platforms for influencers? – Statistics

Based on a report by advertising and marketing agency IZEA, sponsoring video content material is by far the best-paying cash for influencers, be it on platforms TikTok, Instagram, Twitch or YouTube. Whereas a sponsored put up consisting of a picture posted to Fb, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter introduced in between $642 and $1,643 on common in 2022, a video posted to YouTube, TikTok, or an Instagram story earned roughly double that, $2,102 $ and $2,784.

Nonetheless, that is nonetheless considerably cheaper than a video sponsorship on Twitch, which averaged $4,373 in 2022. The mixed posts “Instagram Story + TikTok” and “Instagram Story + YouTube” had been the preferred choices. Costly for advertisers: $6,444 every and $12,007 on common.

The report additionally exhibits that the price of influencer advertising and marketing campaigns has skyrocketed in recent times. In 2022, the typical paid put up earned content material creators over $1,100. In 2015, that worth was simply $25. Whereas “small” influencers (between 1,000 and 199,999 followers) have seen a gradual enhance in income (other than the Covid-related crash in 2020), bigger accounts have seen extra volatility.