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Martialis Hourka
Martialis Hourka – Definition and Explanations – Techno Sciencenet
Govern Animalia
department Arthropods
Sub Emb. Hexapoda
Class bugs
Subclass Pterygota
Infra class Neoptera
command Hymenoptera
Subordination Apocrita
Nice household Vespoidea
Household Formicidae
Subfamily Martialinae
Gender Martialis
Binomial identify (In taxonomy (botany, zoology, and many others.), the binomial identify or binomial comes from…)
Martialis Hourka
Rabeling, 2003

Martialis Hourkaknown as ” Martian ant » by Edward Wilson is a species of ant found in 2003 which will belong to the oldest recognized ant lineage.


Two specimens have been found in 2000 by Manfred Verhaagh of the Museum (Exhibition Corridor of the Provincial Museum (1908) in Toronto (Ontario, Canada)…) of Pure Historical past (The strategy to remark and systematic description of nature begins with…). Karlsruhe in Germany, however they have been destroyed throughout their transport (transportation is the method of shifting one thing or somebody from one place to a different, principally…). For evaluation, we have been unable to confirm their standing as a brand new species. It was rediscovered in 2003 within the Amazon forest in Manaus, Brazil, by Christian Rabeling and his crew on the college. Larger schooling whose objective is…) from Texas to Austin. As a result of it appears like no different, as if it got here from Mars, it’s also known as the “Martian ant”.


Because it doesn’t resemble every other recognized genus or species, a subfamily was created particularly for it, that of the Martialinae. Based on a phylogenetic evaluation, this species belongs to a really historic lineage that represents the idea of the ant household.

Bodily description

At a most size of three millimeters, this ant may be very small, blind, depigmented and outfitted with fairly spectacular mandibles. On account of these peculiarities, it’s completely tailored to its underground surroundings.