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Brief-finned pilot whale
Govern Animalia
department Chordates
Sub Emb. Vertebrate
Class Mammals
Subclass Theria
Infra class Eutheria
command whales
Subordination Odontoceti
Household Delphinidae
Subfamily Globicephalinae
Gender Globicephala
Binomial title (In taxonomy (botany, zoology, and so on.), the binomial title or binomial comes from…)
Globicephala melas
(Path, 1809)
Geographical distribution
Cetacean area map Long-finned pilot whale.PNG
IUCN conservation standing:

LC : Minor fear
Diagram showing extinction risk according to IUCN classification.

THE Pilot whale Or black pilot whale (Globicephala melas) is considered one of two species of pilot whales.

Habitat and distribution

It’s an oceanic species, however can often be noticed nearer to the coast, notably within the Gulf. Italian Golfo, Greek Kolpos, fold) is part of the ocean that penetrates inland, in…) Gascony (247 observations ( Commentary is the exercise of attentive remark of phenomena, with out the will to…) occasional incidents of 1980 to 2000 reported by customs officers, fishermen, boaters, and so on.) in France


It’s historically hunted on the Faroe Islands; This hunt, initially for meals, continues however is the topic of a lot criticism due to its bloody nature.