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L’Agathis lanceolataOr Forest Kaori Or Southern Kaoriis a species (in life sciences, the sort (from Latin “species”, “sort”) of conifers of the household Araucariaceae. It’s discovered solely in New Caledonia (New Caledonia is an archipelago of Oceania within the Pacific Ocean. ..) It’s via threatened with the destruction of its habitat.


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foliage and cones

Large of dense, moist, and evergreen rainforest with low and common (The common is a statistical measure that characterizes the weather of a set of…) altitude (Altitude is the vertical top of a spot or object relative to a airplane . ..) from the south of Grande Terre (Earth is the third planet of the photo voltaic system so as of distance…) reaches a top of 40 m (The peak has a number of meanings relying on the world addressed.) for a diameter (At a circle or a sphere, the diameter is a line section passing via the middle…) between 60 and 150 cm. Its largest specimen, the park’s “large kaori” (A park is an enclosed pure space[1] fashioned of forests or meadows by which…) River (In hydrography, a river is a watercourse that flows beneath the motion of…) Blue (Blue (from the Outdated Excessive German “blao” = radiant) is without doubt one of the three colours …), over 1000 years previous, with a diameter of two.70 m on the foothills.

The trunk is lengthy, clear, common and nearly cylindrical, with a slight lower in direction of the highest. It measures between 10 and 20 m, however may also attain 25 m.

Bark (bark is the outer overlaying of the trunks, branches and roots of bushes and extra…), darkish grey to reddish brown in color, is clean at first, then gentle grey and flakes off in skinny sheets earlier than turning into tough and forming small, irregular scales detaches, with many small coloration lenses (coloration is the subjective notion of a number of wave frequencies by the attention…) Brown. A yellowish resin is fashioned.

The branches are commonly organized on the trunk (A trunk will be:) in a plagiotropic horizontal place. They’ll develop as much as 15 m lengthy and have a very dense branching on the finish.


  • Dammara lanceolata Lindl. ex Pancher & Sebert


Kaori has been used primarily as lumber, carpentry, boats, carpentry and joinery because the nineteenth century. These days it’s used for revegetation of barely degraded areas (nevertheless, within the rehabilitation of mining areas, its participation is marginal – the species Acacia spirorbis or Casuarina collina are a lot better suited).

There was a plantation program for over 35 years (A plantation is a monoculture farm with top quality crops…). The mastery (The mastery is a level or college diploma equal to the diploma or title of …) is obtained and the start of a sector (A sector is a set of formalities, works to be accomplished earlier than arrival. . .) The financial system consists initially of nurseries, all of that are Melanesian. This system is just too new to be exploited and sawn up (the species wants at the least 50-60 years of development to be exploited). As well as, regardless of the general success (Within the concept of units, a set intuitively denotes a set…) within the southern half of New Caledonia, the harm because of the unfold of the Rusa deer (Cervus timorensis) lowered the potential planting space presently within the excessive south of Grande Terre, the place deer seldom keep, and on the island (An island is a chunk of land surrounded by water, be it a stream, a…) of pine bushes.